Penis Size Survey
Find out just what the average penis size is. We have carried out some exstensive studies that just might suprise you.

Penis Size
The average normal length of a stretched penis begins at the age of 13 years old and finishes at about 16 years old.

The average normal circumference of a stretched penis increases over time from 10 years to 18 years of age.

A normal erection of a 14-year-old boy would be 70% of the fully-grown size.

Smaller penises increased more in size when erected – compared to larger penises.

African Americans have longer penises than Caucasian Americans.

Approximately 42% of Australian men have an erect penis length of 16 to 17cm. Range of 12cm to 23cm.

Nigerian men have the longest average length of approximately 17cm. Korean men having the shortest average length of 12.7 cm.

Condom Size
Two dimensions are significant with regard to comfort fit – length and circumference.

In a study comparing men and women’s preferences for four different condoms of different shape.
  • 52mm condoms
  • Contoured in various ways near the closed end
  • 49mm condom
  • Contoured like one of the other three
Approx 80% of users preferred the 52mm – therefore became the standard sized condom.

The inappropriate use of a condom with an incorrect circumference increased the risk in breakage.

Majority of men prefer to go with the standard size condom, rather than a smaller or larger one.
Country Length (cm) Circumference (cm)
Nigeria (Gerofi) 17.0 13.4
US African (Kinsey) 16.6 12.5
US Caucasian (Kinsey) 15.8 12.3
Australia (Smith et al) 15.7 13.2
Brazil (De Ros et all) 14.5 11.9
Thailand (Muangman) 13.5 11.2
Korea (Han et all) 12.7 11.3
Did you know?
The first reported measurements of erect penises were in 1930's.

Only 18 men participated in the Nigerian study.

In Thailand, measurements were taken using paper tapes by sex workers.

In Korea, the length measurement of an erect penis was conducted against a stiff cardboard strip, rather than against paper.

Measurements conducted in Brazil used intracavernous injections of a vasoactive mixture. Intracavernous injections assist in creating and maintaining erections and are injected directly into the erectile tissue in the penis.

If the erection is caused by an injection of a vasoactive drug, there is no evidence that the effect is the same as a naturally occurring one.

In Australia, participants were pre-trained before their self-measurements on a modelled penis.

2770 US Caucasian men participated in the study using the Kinsey.

A recent report describes plans for a penis size study in India, where digital cameras would be used to measure the penises in what is intended to be a less invasive method.

Rings were used to measure the circumference of an erect penis however it was inaccurate as there was no indication of how far down the penis the ring would sit or pushed. Penises are not round.

Smaller penises increase more in size during erection than larger ones.
Australian studies measure the circumference 1cm from the body. This dimension showed the greatest correlation with condom sizing.

US use 53mm condoms as its standard size, compared to 54mm in Australia.

Most men can distinguish a better fitting condom, between two sizes where the width differs by only 3mm.
John Gerofi, "Condom Size", Enersol Consulting Engineers - Products and Services for Testing Medical Devices, March 2002.