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We've got very high standards at Ansell ...Every single batch of condoms is extensively tested - before, during and after the manufacturing process. We are required to comply with the International Standards so we do a whole range of testing including electronic testing, dimension testing, tensile testing, testing for holes and air inflation testing.

Each type and shape of condom has its own glass mould, called a former, which is dipped into the liquid latex. The moulds are then passed through an oven to set and dry the latex. The condoms are rolled off the moulds and placed in big tumbling machines to dry them and remove any stickiness (yes, we've heard all the jokes). Every batch of condoms is put through a series of quality tests before being packed into individual pouches. The automated packing machines add precise quantities of lubricant then seal the pouches.

By the way, Ansell condoms are made of latex rubber and a number of other chemicals and compounds. Latex is a naturally occurring liquid substance obtained from the bark of a rubber tree. Some people can be sensitive to latex. If you experience an irritation whilst using condoms, you should cease using latex condoms and see a doctor.


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