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Test and Treat Chlamydia


Because there are often, no symptoms experienced by people with chlamydia - it is a very good idea to be tested.

Chlamydia testing can be conducted by using swabs, however, many doctors are now using urine samples. This is much less invasive. You may wish to discuss these options with your doctor.

If you are being tested via a urine sample it is important that you do not urinate for at lease 4 hours before providing a specimen.

Each state and territory has Sexual Health and Family Planning clinics that can both test and prescribe adequate treatment.


Chlamydia is very easy to treat with a course of antibiotics. These can either be a single dose or 7 day treatment. If the infection is severe an extended course may be required.

It is important that sexual partners should also be treated.

You may still be capable of infecting people for seven days after a single antibiotic dose treatment. With the 7-day course the infection may continue until the course is entirely complete.

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